Wiki-style knowledge management that automatically syncs data from the apps that your company is already using


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Guru is a knowledge base that integrates with your workflow to ensure that various teams in your organization access the required information quickly. Guru enables teams to create, share, and update information that relates to their tasks.

This software helps to ensure that the employees and the organization as a whole have access to contextual and expert-verified information. This helps to reduce the time employees spend looking for information and also helps to ensure that the data is correct.

Employees and teams can waste a lot of productivity hours trying to get the correct information. Guru helps to ensure that employees concentrate on their specialty and maximize their input. Finding the right information can also be challenging, especially if the employee is not an expert on that topic.

Guru delivers information to their clients in various forms that match their standard work practices. This can include email, browser extension, or a slack bot. Whatever the channel that an organization chooses to use, Guru ensures that all the teams have up-to-date knowledge verified by internal and external sources.

This helps to ensure that information is always at the fingertips of employees, and thus they can make the right decisions. This helps to avoid errors that can lead to substantial loss of time and resources.

Guru services are a little more than knowledge unification services. Guru has an API as well as turnkey solutions that enable its clients to be flexible. This service helps their clients to build their own branded knowledge base.

The API and turnkey solutions can also help companies power their own existing internal sites with the applications. Employees and other staff can utilize this added resource to speed up their work and improve their knowledge of operations.

More knowledgeable employees are more productive, which can help companies to boost their productivity and ultimately profitability. Having all the information in a single, easy-to-use source helps to ease the employee's work.

Employees love to work in workplaces that are relaxed and do not subjected to too much pressure. This helps to improve employee morale and their affinity to the workplace. This can help to ensure they remain loyal and serve longer in the organization.

Retaining employees for longer helps in reducing costs associated with hiring, legal services, and training services. Long-serving employees accumulate skills from experience and training, and this can help to reduce errors and improve productivity.

Company knowledge and information grow every day. Guru can help your staff stay up to date with development by filtering the best up-to-date information and articles.

Pros of Guru

  • It helps to boost learning and knowledge
  • It helps to boost accessibility and adaptability
  • It is accessible by large and small enterprises

Cons of Guru

  • There is no free version
  • Cards may take longer to be updated

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Knowledge Sharing
  2. In-Context Knowledge
  3. Link Sharing

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Import
  2. Trackable Analytics
  3. Social Features
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